How much does it cost?

A Hair With A Twist Party is $220 up to 10 people. That price is then divided by the number of people attending your party. The usual way it works is for the hostess to be free, so for a party of 6 the cost would be divided by 5. As the hostess, you can decided how you would like to divide the cost. 

For more than 10 people, the price becomes $20 a person. A more intimate session is also an option for $100 for one hour of instruction for up to 4 people.

Will we be doing our own hair?

The idea behind Hair With A Twist is that you will learn how to create amazing hairstyles for yourself, but sometimes when you are learning it helps to practice on other people. As the hostess, you can decide what you would like for your party, and it can always be a mixture…and sometimes it’s just fun to do your friend’s hair and get a braid train going!

What if I (or someone coming to my party) has short hair?

Many of the hairstyles on the See The Looks page can be adapted for shorter hairstyles, depending on how short your hair is. If you would rather, for an extra $5 per person I can provide a manikin head for you to learn your hairstyle on. 

Do you do birthday parties?

Absolutely!! We offer birthday parties for ages 10 and up. If you are interested in a special birthday package, send me an email at hairwithatwist@gmail.com. For the little ladies younger than 10, a great option is a Mommy & Me Party! 

Where will the party be?

The best place to have the party is in the dining room. Not only does that put us in close proximity to drinks and snacks, but a dining room table make the perfect set up! Keep in mind the number of people your dining room table can accommodate when you are inviting friends to your party. 

What do I have to provide?

The drinks, the snacks, and your home! This is why the hostess is traditionally free. However, it is up to you if you want to ask your girlfriends to each bring a bottle of wine, or a snack. I will provide everything necessary to complete the hairstyle you will be learning.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We happily accept cash or credit.

How long is the party?

The hair instruction piece of the party lasts 2 hours, but it works best to have your guests arrive a half an hour early (so for a party that starts at 7, your guest would arrive at 6:30). That way they can grab a drink and a snack and have some time to mingle, especially if everyone doesn’t know each other. I will arrive in that half hour as well to get everything set up!